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Rachel Rubin-Frost - Canvas

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Rachel Rubin-Frost - Canvas

Rachel Rubin-Frost - Canvas

The ‘Cosmic Energy’ canvas is a masterpiece of transcendental art. With highly detailed illustrations and UHD layered imagery, this art piece captures an otherworldly and captivating connection between a person's head and cosmic energy. The vivid colors of light blues and purples fill the painting and the plentiful multi-layered figures enhance this abstraction of the spirit. Get lost in the mesmerizing world of wetcore and let the cosmic energy envelope your mind. #CosmicEnergy #TranscendentalArt #HighlyDetailedIllustrations #UHDImage #LayeredImagery #LightBlueandPurple #Wetcore #MultiLayeredFigures #Transcendence #ArtPiece #CanvasArt

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